10 Core Principles for Effective Crack Injection  
Hint: 90% of engineers and applicators don’t know them.
The core principles for effective concrete injection give inspectors a rigorous and easy-to-apply framework to evaluate if the job has been done right, so you’ll be confident that when you sign off on a job, it’s a job done right!
Knowing these rules lets applicators take their injection skills to a whole new level and become masters of the craft. You’ll impress your employer, get an edge on others in the business, and you’ll never be out of work.
Following these rules will ensure the job is done right and the repair is durable. They’ll also help engineers assess the task quickly and delegate effectively.
Why are these principles key?
Using these Core Principles, as we’ve been doing for years at Inblock, will let you take on any job, no matter how difficult, with confidence and success.
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